SESC Tutorial – TODO List

This is a TODO list, listing what should be done next for this tutorial, to help researchers understand and modify SESC.

  • How to run a therm/temperature test step by step
    Any contributors?
  • How to run a benchmark
  • How to modify the simulater configuration (.conf) Started. By Jun He(jhe24[at]
  • Illustration of the key classes. The illustration should show the main functions of the classes (I mean why these classes exsit.) and relationships among them. So the readers can get the a clear picture of SESC. Any contributors?
  • How to modify the cache replace policy. We believe a good example worth thousands of words. This cache task is simple, without too many relations to other objects. So it might be the best simple example to demostrate hacking. Started. By  Jun He(jhe24[at], Yao Wang(Yao.Wang[at]
  • Set up a wiki?
  • Even more…
  • Yao Wang

    there’s something related to SESC:

    • admin

      @Yao Wang, thanks, I added it to the post.

  • Hello!
    I am trying to configure SESC with power and thermal configurations but having problems. If you have any solutions, I would be thankful to you. I can send you my errors as well.
    Secondly, what is the difference between –enable-sescspot –enable-therm, in fact what is sescspot, I am not getting any idea.
    Many thanks for your kind help.