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Understanding the *apply() functions and then others in R by asking questions

08.08.2013 · Posted in Computer Science, Statistics and Visualization · 785 visits

The *apply() functions are powerful but designed poorly. The R documents are written poorly. They combined make R very hard to learn. All the time, it seems there are some explanations missing. (Another bad example of documentation is Python docs. I cannot retrieve information from the long long pages with multi-level bullets. Why don’t they ...

Management of Research Data – a Shell+Python+Excel+R Approach

01.23.2013 · Posted in Computer Science, Statistics and Visualization, System · 1726 visits

I am a computer science researcher, usually working on both Windows and Linux system. Windows is the place where I do the document work, like reading paper, browsing the internet, writing papers with LaTex… Linux is where I run and generate experimental results. The Chaos After years of messy data management and recent data chaos, ...

How to Add New System Calls to Minix 3.1.8

02.02.2012 · Posted in Computer Science, System · 6716 visits

There are some tutorials on the Internet. However, they are not up-to-date. Currently Minix has the latest version 3.1.8. It has some changes, say a virtual file system. So a  newer tutorial is necessary. This article also includes a part for adding system calls to servers that are not visible to users. For example, users ...

David Ferrucci: why did IBM Watson believe Toronto was a US city?

08.27.2011 · Posted in Computer Science, How · 1963 visits

On July 27th, Dr. David Ferrucci came to Fermi to give a talk about IBM Watson. He talked about the architecture of Watson, some technical details, how the team members cooperated with others. He says that Watson got its knowledge from only 100GB of data. After pre-processing for fast calculation in the game, it became ...

Things Learned from This Summer Internship

08.25.2011 · Posted in Computer Science · 2457 visits

It is worth automating the procedures you will do a lot. For example, pulling out data for analysis from output files, data analysis procedure. It is worth learning the tool for a period of dedicated time. Otherwise, it would waste a lot time googling and you don’t even know some very useful knowledge/tricks to do ...

The Tipping Point

01.31.2011 · Posted in I am thinking · 2622 visits

I have no strong feelings after reading Tipping Point. Gladwell kind of does not put the examples very close to his argument in some parts. He often goes out of track and pull it back at the end of the chapters. Or I should he does not state clearly the relation between the examples and ...